Hello Beautifully Brewed World!

Tea. The world’s top beverage.  Coffee. Another favorite global commodity. Chocolate. We simply love it and believe it perfectly completes this triad we aim to further explore through Brewed Forces.

Each element of this dynamic trio is rooted in history, traverses into the arts, and is fundamentally integrated with science. We will be delving into each of these realms discovering where they intersect.

While history, art, and science are all interesting…it’s not quite interesting enough! So, we’ll be on a personal expedition to uncover amazing tea, coffee, and chocolate products as well as visit the best tea houses, coffee shops, and chocolate stores in the country. We’re sure to share recipes we test and even some new ones we create.

What’s better, yet? We want you (yes, I’m looking you right in the eyes) to venture with us on this journey!

  • Were you just scraping the bottom of a bowl of delicious Earl Grey tea-infused ice cream? We want to know how you liked it!
  • Do you have a favorite coffee spot to read a book on a rainy Saturday morning? Share it with us!
  • Did you just treat yourself to the most sinful piece of chocolate? Tell us  about it!

Steep another pot of tea, have one more cup of coffee, or enjoy an extra piece of chocolate and stay tuned for more to come from Brewed Forces. We’re so excited to have your company!

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